Wednesday, April 6th
10:00 registration
12:30 lunch
13:30 welcome address
Susanne Rägle (Vice President for Research), conference chairs
Session 1 (chair Christopher Blase)
14:00 Keynote: Jay Humphrey Mechanics and Mechanobiology of Aortic Development and Disease
14:40 Sandra Loerakker Mechanically-Driven Growth and Remodeling of Native and Tissue-Engineered Heart Valves 
15:05 Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos From mechanotherapeutics to mechanical biomarkers for cancer therapy prediction
15:30 Lauranne Maes Predicting Inflammation-Mediated Tissue Remodeling in the Pulmonary Autograft: A Multiscale Modeling Approach
15:45 Josip Zivic Fluid Solid Growth Numerical Model of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
16:00 Break
Session 2 (chair Stéphane Avril)
16:30 Oliver Röhrle Modelling the Musculoskeletal System
16:55 Christian Cyron What Do Cells Regulate in Soft Tissues on Short Time Scales? 
17:20 Oliver Jensen Discrete mechanics of multicellular tissues 
17:45 Chenghe Piao Crimped and Cross-Linked Collagen Fibre Structure may Lead to Auxetic Behavior in Soft Tissues
18:00 Grace O'Connel 3D Modeling of the Intervertebral Disc: Direct Relationship Between Tissue Composition and Model Parameters
18:15 Guillaume Duprez Influence of tissue anisotropy on fingertip deformation nearby tactile mechanoreceptors
18:30 Jose Perez Surface Tension Modulation in Cancer Spheroids
18:45 end of session
get together
Thursday, April 7th
Session 3 (chair Andreas Wittek)
08:30 Keynote: Gerhard Holzapfel Arterial Constitutive Modeling with a Focus on Collagen Cross-Linking
09:10 Stanislav Polzer Measurement of soft tissue undeformed thickness
09:35 Christopher Blase Using 4D ultrasound to map arterial wall properties in vivo
10:00 Richard Lopata Personalized Modeling of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Advances in Modeling & Imaging
10:25 Break
Session 4 (chair Christian Cyron)
11:00 Caitríona Lally In-vivo material property estimations using inverse finite element analysis: Impact of neglecting the unloaded zero-pressure geometry and residual stresses
11:25 Craig Goergen Four-Dimensional Ultrasound-Derived Murine Cardiac Strain Mapping
11:50 Elena Di Martino The Need for Unified Biomechanics Datasets for Multi-Center and Multimodality Studies of Aortic Mechanics
12:05 Mirunalini Thirugnanasambandam Material Parameter Identification for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Using 4D Ultrasound and Virtual Fields Method
12:20 Baptiste Pierrat In-Situ Observation and Characterization of Aortic Dissection Mechanisms in Rabbit Using Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography
12:35 Selda Sherifova  Aortic Media under Radial Tension
12:50 Lunch
Session 5 (chair Markus Böl)
14:00 Daniela Valdez-Jasso Multiscale Analysis of Right-Ventricular Tissue Remodeling
14:25 Ali Akbar Karkhaneh Yousefi Patient-specific computational model of healing after incisional hernia surgery
14:40 Sam Evans In vivo parameter identification in the human brain using a nonlinear virtual fields method
15:05 Ankush Aggarwal A Gaussian process for constitutive modeling of soft tissues
15:30 Yiqian He Novel virtual fields method for the identification of biphasic hyperelastic model parameters
15:45 Bethany Keenan A Mixed Numerical-Experimental Approach to Evaluate the Internal Soft Tissue Response of the Heel
16:00 Break
Session 6 (chair Vicky Nguyen)
16:30 Markus Böl Multiscale experiments and modelling of skeletal muscle - From the single fibre to the whole muscle
16:55 Kristin Miller Evaluating Biaxial Smooth Muscle Contractility in the Murine Vagina
17:20 Annika vom Scheidt On the Influence of Aging on Uterine Ligament Collagen Characteristics: Combining SAXS and Multiaxial Deformation
17:35 Justyna Niestrawska Dynamic Mechanical Loading of Human Dura Mater
17:50 Silvia Budday Microstructure-informed constitutive models for human brain tissue
18:15 Keynote: Ellen Kuhl Soft Tissue Mechanics – Ex Vivo or In Vivo?
18:55 end of session
conference dinner
Friday, April 8th
Session 7 (chair Gerhard Holzapfel)
08:30 Keynote: Vicky Nguyen In Vivo Measurements of the Biomechanics and Remodeling of the Optic Nerve Head
09:10 Edoardo Mazza Multiscale characterization of human skin
09:35 Hanna Isaksson Multiscale and Multimodal Assessment of Achilles Tendon Mechanics and Mechanobiology
10:00 Stéphane Avril Recent Advances in the Virtual Fields Method for Soft Tissue Mechanics
10:25 Break
Session 8 (chair Edoardo Mazza)
11:00 Mathias Peirlinck Multiscale modeling and machine learning synergies in human heart modeling 
11:25 Martin Genet Personalized Pulmonary Poromechanics in Health and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
11:50 Andreas Wittek Effects of Tension Band Implants on the Mechanical Loading of the Femoral Growth Plate During Guided Growth in Adolescents
12:15 Seyed Ali Elahi An Integrative, In Silico Approach Towards Understanding Post-Traumatic Cartilage Damage and Degeneration
12:30 Toni Skugor Inverse Fitting Method for Anisotropic Hyperelastic Materials from Biaxial Experiments on Cruciform Samples
12:45 Jiří Burša Layer-specific residual stress of carotid atherosclerotic plaque
13:00 Lunch
closing / farewell